Core Values

Our mission is "To be a community of broken but growing followers of Jesus, led by the Spirit, seeking restoration with God, each other, and the world."  This work takes many different forms and happens in many different ways, but here are 4 core values that undergird, guide, and color everything that we do.   

Peace Building       


We proclaim and participate in God’s peaceful kingdom, working toward reconciliation and right relationship with God, each other, ourselves, and the created world.

Spiritual Formation

Rooted in scripture and guided by the Holy Spirit, we are on a journey to know God and live in the way of Jesus Christ. Practices like worship, prayer, study, and life together lead us ever deeper into the steadfast love and mercy of the One who is love.


Life Together


We seek to share our lives beyond Sunday morning – helping one another, celebrating together, being present to one another’s joys and sorrows.


Radical Hospitality


We welcome everyone, everyone, everyone.  We welcome you.

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